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NEW WORKSHOP: Paint a Patch of Pumpkins

NEW WORKSHOP: Paint a Patch of Pumpkins

Paint a Patch of Pumpkins with me….Elegant, Beautiful and Colorful Pumpkins!

Create a Stunning Array of Pumpkins...Exquisite, Gorgeous, and Vibrant Pumpkins!!

Are you ready to infuse your home with exquisite autumn decorations? Are you seeking something that mirrors the opulent hues of fall while reflecting your personal tastes? Whether you prefer a sophisticated and refined look, a vivid and colorful aesthetic, or something in between, the choice is yours! I'm here to assist you in using translucent, beautiful colors to craft your very own one-of-a-kind pumpkin collection!

Pam Coxwell Designs Paint a Pumpkin Patch Workshop

Join me from September 25th to 27th! We'll paint FOUR pumpkins together, but here's a little secret... I believe that once you experience how calming and simple this process can be, you'll find yourself embarking on your own journey to create a unique assortment of painted pumpkins to use as gifts and home decor.

By the end of this workshop you’ll be equipped with the know-how to not only keep painting pumpkins, you will be able to apply these techniques to other subjects you want to paint as well .   I think your patch of pumpkins will continue to grow as you see  all the possibilities for using tools like color, texture, fibers,  to capture the warmth and beauty of autumn for your painted pumpkins!

Who is this for?

Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a beginner looking to explore the fascinating world of mixed media, the Faith, Hope and Love Pumpkin Patch Workshop offers an opportunity to explore the rich textures of old book pages, the luxurious embrace of velvet, and the delicate grace of silk ribbon along with rich colors of fall to create a beautiful collection of colorful painted pumpkins. 

About The Faith Hope & Love Pumpkins Workshop

I will guide you in how to incorporate the time worn pages of old books to create a collage background for your painted pumpkin patch.  We will experiment with color combinations to create a color palette that reflects you and your personal preferences. We will explore the effects of adding translucent layers of color using some of my favorite tools and supplies.  Metallics, buttons and beads will be used to add touches of elegance and sparkle.   Want your pumpkins to carry a message?  I’m including a page of hand lettered words and an old hymnal page and book pages that can be incorporated into your painted piece to help tell a story or a truth filled reminder.

I love painting this style of pumpkins!  It’s probably one of my very favorite subjects.   I really believe you will enjoy painting this style of pumpkin so much that you’ll be painting pumpkins on everything!   You will leave this workshop equipped with the skills to do just that..   

Want to use some of the same supplies I’m using in my art piece?  

I’ve curated a Pumpkin Patch Kit with some of my favorite supplies and tools and even included some of the rich velvet and delicate silk ribbons.   

Read below to see the Workshop and Kit Contents.


-3 pre-recorded lessons delivered each morning of the workshop.  You can watch and enjoy at your own convenience.

-3 Zoom Gatherings (my favorite part!) for further instructions, demonstrations, and to get one on one help from Pam.  These sessions will be recorded and available for replay.

-Design traceable template

-Downloadable sheet of hand lettered words

-A supply list will be emailed to you after you complete checkout.

What will you learn In this 3 Day Workshop?

- how to create a beautiful fall color palette to reflect your personal preferences.

-how to create a collage background using found papers

-how to use your art to tell a story 

-a simple way to draw a pumpkin

-how to paint translucent layers to create depth and interest in your painting

-how to work with gloss medium and other types of paint to create layers

-how to use fibers, buttons, beads and other found objects to create a unique keepsake

By the end of the workshop you will be equipped with the know-how for painting beautiful pumpkins to continue adding to your patch or gifting to others! 

Each of these processes, whether used together or independently, can aid you in experiencing new skills to add to your creative journey AND using your creativity is a proven form of STRESS Relief!

What makes this Event Special???  I’m glad you asked!   A Nightly Live Zoom Gathering is included with this Event!  Pam will be available each night to help answer your questions,  give additional guidance and help you take your painting  to the next level. Gathering with other like minded creative women is an ADDED Bonus! 



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