Let's dwell...
Have you ever:  - entered a home and found yourself immediately aware someone is baking cookies in the kitchen? - walked into a bedroom and became immediately aware there are wet & sour clothing items lurking somewhere in that room?...
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Brushes and Brushstrokes
Have you ever had something on your Wish List for a very long time?  Then, whenever you finally accomplish it you just want everyone over to enjoy it with you?!   Well that just happened to me!    Many of...
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YOU are our Potter
For as long as I can remember, I have loved pottery.   Because I spent so many years traveling to arts and crafts festivals,  I have purchased quite a few pottery pieces directly from artisans.  It is fascinating to me that someone can take a blob of clay, and with their hands fashion a beautiful and unique mug or bowl.  Even though each piece bears the fingerprint of the potter, there are no two pieces exactly alike.  Have you noticed that about hand made pottery?
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