NEW WORKSHOP: Paint a Patch of Pumpkins

About The Faith Hope & Love Pumpkins Workshop

I will guide you in how to incorporate the time worn pages of old books to create a collage background for your painted pumpkin patch.  We will experiment with color combinations to create a color palette that reflects you and your personal preferences. We will explore the effects of adding translucent layers of color using some of my favorite tools and supplies.  Metallics, buttons and beads will be used to add touches of elegance and sparkle.   Want your pumpkins to carry a message?  I’m including a page of hand lettered words and an old hymnal page and book pages that can be incorporated into your painted piece to help tell a story or a truth filled reminder.

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But Now I’m FOUND
Some of my most cherished childhood memories involve time spent on my grandparent’s farm in south Alabama.  They lived in an old white farmhouse.  I have memories of the kitchen table that held big dishes of delicious food with all...
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A new chapter is being written...
Friends, I have some introductions to make and some explaining to do!! Meet Anna Firestone, the new owner and caretaker of From the Heart Inspirational Art LLC! Anna is also the owner of Designs by Beverly, but more on that...
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