On-Demand: Pumpkin Patch

Paint a Patch of Pumpkins with me….Elegant, Beautiful and Colorful Pumpkins!

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Join me for a fun Fall Workshop! We'll paint FOUR pumpkins together, but here's a little secret... I believe that once you experience how calming and simple this process can be, you'll find yourself embarking on your own journey to create a unique assortment of painted pumpkins to use as gifts and home decor.

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Join the Pumpkin Patch Workshop

What Makes this Workshop Standout

Using Vintage Pages to Create a Background

I will guide you in how to incorporate the time worn pages of old books to create a collage background for your painted pumpkin patch.

Color Combinations

We will experiment with color combinations to create a color palette that reflects you and your personal preferences.

Adding Translucent Layers

We will explore the effects of adding translucent layers of color using some of my favorite tools and supplies.

Happy Customers

Take heart and join in the artful experience for all who long to see the possibilities that are waiting to be expressed through you! Thanks, Pam!

Linda H.

I have thoroughly enjoyed learning from Pam!! This was money well spent!


Pam is so easy to follow and she gives such good directions! She is a blessing to all who hear her and see her paint. Can’t wait for more!

What makes this Event Special???

Pam has provided all 3 Zoom Gathering replays! These are to help answer your questions, give additional guidance and help you take your painting to the next level. Gathering with other like minded creative women is an ADDED Bonus!