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What can you learn from a Precious Donkey and a Classic Hymn?

What can you learn from a Precious Donkey and a Classic Hymn?

“I love you, Lord Jesus….stay near me I pray”  Away In A Manger

If you’ve been around me very long, you know that I love animals….especially sheep!   

Several years ago I had an opportunity to visit a sheep farm.   I was thrilled to be on the farm with the animals that I find so much joy in painting.  Did you know that in scripture, we are often compared to sheep?   So, I think this causes me to be curious about them, want to learn more & understand them better.    It was so sweet how the Lord used my love and curiosity of sheep to draw me in closer to introduce me to another fascinating animal.

The farmer’s wife was giving us a tour of their farm, including the barns, their processes for caring for the sheep and then introduced us to the farmer’s assistant named Poncho.  Poncho assists the farmer in a similar way that a guard dog would, by staying close by the sheep and he sounds an alarm when he detects predators might be nearby.  He is also a Maternity Ward Assistant.  He stays near the mama ewes and can actually detect when one is nearing her time of labor and delivery.  He ushers her to the barn and stays with her as she enters into labor.   He also guards her and keeps spectator sheep at a distance.   There’s not anything spectacular about his appearance, Poncho is just a humble donkey with such kind and gentle eyes. 

As we stood in the barn around the stalls and bails of hay, she told the story of Poncho & how he serves the farmer and the sheep…especially the Mama ewes, I could feel the tears in my eyes.  I wondered if it was a donkey that carried a very special Mama and ushered her into a safe place to begin her labor and stay nearby as she delivered the Precious Lamb of God.    

When I hear the old hymn “Away In A Manger” I think about Poncho and am reminded of this:  

  • I’m reminded that God uses all things as HIS servants.  
  • It’s the humble, meek, and mild who are so often used by God, in miraculous ways, to accomplish His will.   
  • It’s often the seemingly insignificant people, places, and things that are HIS choice vehicles to drive people to HIS Son.
  • It seems to be the least likely places that HE shows up and reveals HIS glory.
  • It’s often the times that HE seems to be absent, still and quiet….that HE actually speaks the loudest.

Sweet friend, as you enter into this Christmas season, the prayer of my heart is that you will find time to be still in His presence with His Word and listen and that you will prepare room in your heart for more of Him.   HE is the One we are seeking.   HE is Emmanuel- God With Us.

Blessings to you, Pam


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