The 2024 Art Calendar is here and I can’t wait to share some ideas with you for how you can use yours!  A lot of time goes into painting the original designs, planning the color scheme, and choosing the verses for the year, but did you know that before the artwork is even scanned to send to the printer, a plan has already been put into place to make this calendar as useful and versatile as possible!  Once the artwork is scanned in, the tedious part begins!   We begin printing proofs, then we are measuring and re-measuring and printing more proofs and reprinting proofs to get the calendar as precise as possible.  

Why? Because my heart's desire is for this calendar to be more than a calendar to track dates.  I want you to have 13 beautiful pieces of artwork ready to frame in an 8x10 frame that you can use for your own home or share with others.   My prayer is that this artwork will be a tool to help you Surround yourself with Beauty and Truth.

Let me give you some ideas of how I and many others have used their Art Calendar.

  1. Many people buy our Art Calendars to give as a Christmas gift.   Quite a few of our regular customers buy them in bulk every year and use it as THE gift for all their friends and family.   I LOVE finding a gift that I can do that with!  It helps cut down on the decisions, and it even makes wrapping easy.   Decide on the packaging and replicate for all of them!
  2. Purchase a calendar.  Use the 13 art prints as gifts for 13 different people.  Find a versatile frame, add the print and you are ready to wrap.
  3. Find a beautiful frame, wrap it with the art calendar and a note explaining to the recipient to change out the print at the end of each month.   I’ve had a few ladies tell me that they store all the prints in the frame!  They just change out the print that shows each month!
  4. Use the Art Calendar for yourself!  The theme for this calendar is “Draw Near”.   Join me in making this the prayer of your heart!   Put the Art Calendar where you will see it often.  Each time you look at it to check the date, read the verse.  I believe doing this is like planting a seed in your heart.  A seed of TRUTH. Take it a step further and read the verse aloud.  Pray the verse back to the Lord.  I believe these small, but meaningful actions will give you much needed refreshment for your heart and your mind AND I think it will also help you Draw Near Him!  
  5. Use the calendar as a companion to the Lemonade Creative Hearts Lettering Group We will be lettering these verses throughout the year in our monthly group. These verses will also be used for scripture journaling so I think the calendar will complement the lettering & scripture journaling will be doing inside our monthly membership group!

However you choose to use your calendar, I hope it brings you much encouragement and refreshment each time you look at it!    

Get your calendar today at the early bird price of $37! As of November 10th, calendar prices will go up to the regular price of $42!

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