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STORY BEHIND THE ART: Why I Created Our "Lemonade Reminders" Christian Subscription Box for Women

STORY BEHIND THE ART: Why I Created Our "Lemonade Reminders" Christian Subscription Box for Women


Why I Created Our "Lemonade Reminders" Christian Subscription Box for Women

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What is "Lemonade Reminders"?

I’ve developed an Encouragement Tool Kit with supplies/tools to help the Box recipient BE encouraged and Share encouragement with Words Worth Remembering. I believe it is from our overflow that we are able to encourage others.
I have spent many years working with women in church ministry setting and know that most carry a heavy load of responsibilities that can be very draining. Those women have a special place in my heart... so I thought sending a monthly "refill" of encouraging reminders would be an encouragement to them and help keep the encouragement flowing!
The Reminders are in the form of a shirt or shareable gift items with a specific theme each month. Each Theme will be based on a Bible Verse or old hymn chosen to bring encouragement and hope.

What is My Purpose & Why?

I have felt burdened by the trying & chaotic times we are living in. I’ve been designing and painting inspirational art for over 20 years, but have recently felt the need to ramp up my efforts to spread Truth filled messages of Hope and Encouragement and wanted to go a step further by creating a supply box for women wanting to help spread these important timely reminders of hope and encouragement by wearing the Reminders or Sharing the Reminders.

What Does the Name "Lemonade Reminders" Stand For?

In the Fall of 2020 I created an art print calendar. The top part of each calendar page was an 8x10 print with the 2021 calendar at the bottom. After shipping out over 100 calendars, it was discovered that the calendar part was misprinted with the 2020 dates, instead of 2021 dates.

It was an incredibly stressful time!
We were eventually able to do a reprint with the corrected calendar and get them sent out. But instead of returning the misprint calendars, I asked each customer to share the prints with someone that was going through a hard time, or just needed some encouragement.

I then began thinking of ways to use the remaining misprinted calendars. I eventually settled on using each of the prints as a spring board for other products that could be part of a monthly Encouragement Box.

After sharing my idea with a few people, several commented that I was definitely ‘making lemonade with my lemons”. I knew I had to somehow use that in the name. It was also a reminded me of Romans 8: 28 & 29 I knew I wanted to use that somewhere in the design as a reminder to me that God truly does use all things for good of those who love Him….

Now each calendar print has a new purpose and has become a building block for other products made to help spread the reminder from that design.

Each Kit will include a ready to frame 8x10 print from left over calendars and the Shirt Club will receive a small version of the Inspiration Designs. The kits will include additional products that we’ve made using that Inspiration design. We will include enough Reminders for the recipient to BE encouraged and SHARE encouragement.

Why Create a Subscription Box?

Why can't you just offer the products for sale in your website?
Having dedicated monthly subscribers will help me be able to plan my blank product purchases and purchase in bulk to obtain better pricing, that I can in turn pass along to my subscribers. That’s why you will see the box price is 30% off the regular retail pricing of the products.
Having a monthly subscription also means we will have set pack and ship days. This will also help me be able to plan the production and shipping work load for our Team, which will free me up to have more time to paint and create new designs and products for you.
Having the monthly box subscribers allows me to do something I really enjoy… buying & wrapping gifts! I love curating a themed gift! It makes me very excited to find treasures for someone special and put them together in a beautiful package for my loved ones. For me, these monthly subscriptions are like putting together a collection of beautiful gifts for you and including enough for you to share!
I will be able to try new designs and products to send out each month without having to have additional warehouse space to store them like we would if we were to keep them available at all times on our website. We will be making the amount needed to fill each month’s subscription orders.

What’s the Benefit for You as a Subscriber?

The Reminders are based on Scripture Verses or old hymns, so you will be receiving a fresh new supply of Encouragement each month.

A new wearable Reminder each month that not only reminds you of Truth for that day, but also for anyone that sees you wearing it. It can’t even be a conversation starter or an uplifting reminder for someone having a rough day.

If you enjoy encouraging other people and find great joy in giving gifts, this Encouragement Kit was created with you in mind.  Each month will include a monthly refill of encouraging gifts for you to give now or restock your gift closet to have on hand as the need arises. A new supply of shareable gifts of Encouragement for you and the people in your life.

By being a subscriber you receive your products at a greatly discounted price. The products will be available to our subscribers first, if we have left overs at the end of processing, we will make them available on our website at regular price.

I welcome your input! You can make suggestions of verses or products you would like to see us offer in the Boxes. If for any reason you need to cancel, its ok! (learn more here)

Best of all, you will be joining me and the other subscribers in an effort to spread Truth filled Reminders of Hope & Encouragement to our very tired and weary world!


Pam Coxwell | From the Heart Art


  • Pam Coxwell

    It brings me so much joy to see your beautiful words of encouragement! Thank you for taking the time to comment. I pray you are richly blessed! Pam

  • Martha Cannon

    I love the coasters I purchased at warehouse sale. Since I haven’t subscribed for a kit yet, don’t know if you’ve included any in any of them but think coasters would be a nice surprise!

  • Nancy Alderman

    I look forward to reading along as well! I found Pam’s artwork at a difficult time in my life and love receiving emails and postings about new products that continue to inspire me and strengthen my faith. Thank you Pam and Team for continuing the work and the words of Faith that carry me through my lemonade days! Blessings to All! 🙏

  • Jana White

    I’ve just discovered your art, and am considering your monthly boxes. Your talent is really a gift from our Lord. Thank you for sharing it with us all.

  • Anita Bedwell

    I Love your Art & I Love your Heart…the two together make the sweetest creations!! I really have been enjoying the kits. I love everything that is included…it’s wrapped beautifully and is so exciting to open!! It’s all very usable and fun to wear and share!! Thank You and know the Lord will continue to Bless You as You Bless all of your Customers/Friends!!! :)

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