Saying Goodbye

Saying Goodbye

It's so hard to believe that it was 1 year ago that I took this Good Bye picture.  

I always like to take a "Good Bye" picture when we have finished the hard work of taking our booth down and loading it all back up in the trailer.  I didn't know that this would be my last Good Bye picture for the show that had taught me SO many lessons about business....    

1998 was my first booth at a "Big Show".  I know that booth was tiny!

1998 show


To this 24 years later. 

spring display

cottontails 2023

I learned the importance of beautiful displays and how to create them in a way that attracts people to my booth.  



It's here that I also learned to be super organized due to the MANY mistakes and mishaps that happened throughout the years....but each mishap always lead to learning important things about not only business & being organized, but about working together as a married couple,  working together as a family, learning to ask for help, learning to laugh when things go wrong....because they always do.

  Learning to show grace and learning to highlight the strengths of each family member and allowing each to shine in their area of strength.  


Micah helping load

The first year we moved to a larger booth space we were so busy we couldn't keep up, my then 5th grade daughter learned to master the cash register.   And my oldest one learned to personalize prints when mama got sick and couldn't personalize the orders.  

Wiring up all the lights and running all the cords came natural to my husband, but even he learned to create beautiful displays when the need arose.  

cottontails.through the years

Show Time always seemed to attract crazy stuff like Evacuating show for a Tornado, sitting on the side of the road with broken down vehicles,  or equipment catching on fire and even our daughter's near fatal car accident just before the show were opportunities for not only our prayer life to be strengthened but also friendships....we needed them... 

grace faith Ashley Allana

As we grew, we realized that we were also dependent on others in order to continue to do what we were doing with our business and life.  




So many of our customers have become lifetime friends who have loved us and supported us through SO many family crisis and celebrated with us through many victories.  

They watched me bring in a grandchild as a tiny baby, to a preschooler sleeping under the tables, and an elementary boy learning to run a cash register and watched him grow to a 6ft young man helping his Papa load up the heavy stuff into the trailer.  

So this time last year, as we took our pictures and pulled off, I didn't know this would be the last time.    

It was at that show that a door was presented to me and I knocked.   Over the next months, that door would open, prayers would be answered, many more good byes and "last times" were to unfold BUT would also usher in many first times and hellos.   

   I can never Thank my Father enough for the opportunity He gave me in 1998 and each year after.  He allowed me to grow as a person, as a business owner, as an artist, as a wife, as a friend and as His daughter.  I'm thankful for the friends and family He brought into our lives to help us!

I never imagined when we were setting up our booth at our first "Big Show", that I would keep coming back year after year for 25 years.   It amazes me the grace and mercy that God has lavished on me, my family and From the Heart Art AND the new doors HE has opened!

What did I say Goodbye to???   It was time to say Goodbye to a wonderful season of traveling to retail & wholesale shows in order to say Hello to teaching what I've learned throughout the years.  It was time to turn that season over to someone younger!    It was time to say Goodbye to the way I had been working for so many years in exchange for a new season of more art and teaching.   It was time to turn those wonderful shops & boutiques who had faithfully been carrying FTH products over to someone else who could continue providing the beautiful FTH products for their shops and boutiques.   It was time for me to scale back and streamline to make more room for the calling in my heart that had been burning for years.   A new season to invest in women who want to learn to use their creativity as a tool to help them, help others and bring glory to God!   That season is here!  
In August, Anna Firestone became the new owner of From the Heart Art.   She and I both have been working really hard the past 6 months to find our place and our new normal.   She's doing an excellent job continuing what I began.  She has taken over the wholesale shops and boutiques we had serviced for so long.  She now operates From the Heart from her hometown of Gardendale, AL. 
I am now conducting business under my name, continuing to create art for products to license to manufacturers for stores like Hobby Lobby & Kirklands and have now added From The Heart Art to that list that I create art for!  
I have a small Paper Goods Shoppe and my Encouragement Box using my artwork on my new website.
I have the Creative Hearts Studio as my online gathering place to teach mixed media painting,  lettering and scripture journaling.   God has used art and creativity throughout my life to help me process the things that have happened; to tell a story; to share my faith and to give me joy.   It thrills me that HE now allows me to teach other women how to do the same!
I'm thankful for answered prayers.   I'm thankful for the doors the Lord has opened.   I will admit it has been very stressful, there have been many painful goodbyes and  More challenges & unexpected turns than I can count.....but each and every one has been a tool in the hand of my Father
to help me remember my calling,  
to help me remember my why and
to help me dig into that determination to keep taking the next step.
Friend, Keep taking the next step and keep trusting your Father!
Blessings to you from this New Season!  Pam


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