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Look Back...Looking Forward PART 3

Look Back...Looking Forward PART 3


“BUT, this I recall to mind…therefore I have HOPE” 

Lamentations 3: 21 (but read that whole passage, it is really good!)

Delight yourself in the LORD, And He will give you the desires and petitions of your heart.”  Psalm 37: 3 Amplified Version

“TRUST (rely on and have confidence) in the LORD and do good;  

Dwell in the land and feed (securely) on HIs faithfulness.”  Psalm 37:3 Amplified Version 

Psalm 37: 3, 4 & 5  has a very special place in my heart.  

I’ve seen SO many situations work out according to this passage of scripture.   So many people quote verse 4, but verse 3 and verse 5 are often left off.  Those verses include important instructions for us! 

Around 1994 I had a really strong desire to do more with my artwork;  specifically, to use it to help pay for my girls to attend a small Christian school nearby.  We needed additional funds for this to happen.  It became part of my prayers.  The road to the answered prayer was a very winding road with plenty of setbacks.   I met a fellow artist at an art show.  She was encouraging me to advertise in a Better Homes & Gardens Craft Magazine.  She had seen advertising bring in lots of orders for her.  Important to note: this was before the big world of Ecommerce.   I was really nervous about it, but took a step of faith and wrote a very big check of $735 for an ad.  That was so much money… a very big step!  I wrote the check, added the printed out photos (before digital) and sent it off in the mail and prayed. 

pot for Better Homes and Gardens

A few weeks later I received an envelope from Better Homes & Gardens.   Inside was my check and a note.  They were discontinuing that Craft Magazine, so they were returning my check, but would still use my pictures and info in this last edition they would be printing.  

I was so confused and shocked.  I had prayed over that decision.  That’s not what I was expecting!  I was so disappointed, but thenI realized, Wait!  I just advertised in Better Home & Gardens Craft Magazine…for FREE! 

HE has done things like this for me countless times!   

And I received 1 order for my set of clay pots! But even that was a blessing in disguise.   I had greatly underpriced those pots and didn’t know how to calculate shipping costs.  I would have lost so much money had they really “taken off” and received a lot of orders for them.  Painting the pots for The Better Homes & Garden Craft Magazine opened up a new desire in my heart…. to paint more of them!  

1998 Better Homes and Gardens Craft Issue

Pams Pots in Better Homes and Gardens

I began painting more and more pots, which led to the creation of a new series.  Painting a new series of fruit while studying Galatians 5:22 led to a new experience of writing scripture around the painting.  I’m thankful for this changed my life!

What did I learn about God from all this?   He is faithful.  It’s only in surrendering and trusting Him that I have the opportunity to see just how faithful HE is.  It’s in feeding on His faithfulness that my faith grows more and trusting Him becomes easier. 

What did I learn about myself?  That I have big desires and dreams, and I also have fears that match or exceed their size.  I’ve always had a big imagination and an almost childlike faith.  It enables me to dream big and makes it easier to believe God will do it.  My unbelief likes to tag along and fights the driver’s seat.   

Read verses 3, 4 and 5 again.  He blesses us and guides us.   Pray with me that the Lord will cause our desires and dreams to LINE UP with HIS perfect will for us!  That HE will give us courage and the bravery to trust HIM.

The example of the Pots and Better Homes and Gardens is just a tiny example.  There have been SO many more.   There is often a long delay between a prayer and an answer.  

I OFTEN forget about the desire only to realize much later, “Oh!  Lord!  I asked YOU for this!  This was one of those desires of my heart! Thank You for seeing it and bringing it to life!”   It always brings a smile to my heart.   Join me in Drawing Near to Him.  Feeding on His Faithfulness.  Trusting in His Goodness.  Surrendering to His perfect will!  

We WILL see HIM bring those desires (that line up with His perfect will) to pass!

He loves you!  Draw Near to Him...Rest your heart in Him!  Pam

“Behold I AM doing a NEW thing.  Do you not perceive it?” Isaiah 43:19

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