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It's that time of year again! 🗓

It's that time of year again! 🗓

If you use a paper calendar, you know what I mean.  There are only a couple of pages left and you will soon need a new calendar for the new year. 

If you create paper calendars, you also know what time of the year it is…. the time is here to have your finalized artwork ready to send to the printer and it’s also time to start taking orders for the new calendar you’ve created so that you know how many to order.  

There are many steps involved in getting a calendar ready for printing and ordering.   But first, before I ever pick up the brush, I’m praying and asking the Lord for a direction for the upcoming year’s Words Worth Remembering Calendar.  It’s there a theme or direction I need to focus on for art for the upcoming year?  He knows who will receive one, and what we will all need to be reminded of…. 

  If you are interested in learning more about my process for creating the calendars, you can find it here in this previous blog post.  

There’s another reason that I really want His direction on this Words Worth Remembering Calendar…..the art designs and the theme  Is there a verse or a theme are the foundation of our monthly Encouragement Kit, and it influences our monthly Lemonade Creative Hearts Lettering Group and it has become a key piece in determining what products and designs we offer.  So, in other words…’s a big deal and I really do want to hear clearly from the Lord,  He knows what we will need to be reminded of in the coming year.   Last year, I felt led to focus on Psalms and Hymns.   It was so much fun to put that one together, and the hardest part was narrowing it down to just 13!   

As I’ve been praying for the theme for the 2024 Words Worth Remembering Calendar, “Draw Near” is what keeps coming to me, repeatedly!   So I’ve been soaking in those two words, not only questioning how to illustrate them with my art, but I’m especially seeking how these words apply to me.   I will show you a few snippets of what I have put together for us.   I’ve learned that when I “draw near” to something, my eyes get a better view of the details and my ears hear more clearly.   There are amazing benefits to “drawing near” and   I think I’m only just beginning to understand!     

Pray for me as I finish up this project!   

We live in a dark chaotic world with crazy things happening everywhere.   

It’s time to Draw Near To HIM, sweet friend!


  • Kim Montoya

    Such beautiful paintings with words/prayer/scriptures that are so needed “for such a time as this”.
    Thank you for sharing the talent Our Father has Blessed you with.

  • Anne Nelson

    You absolutely inspire me just with your words, then I look at your art and it makes my heart aches to bring those I love “near to me”
    Thank you so much for the beautiful words and art that guides us closer to are Savior. 💜

  • Barbara

    Save this world and all the people that are going on rampage killing. WHY ?

  • Venitta Morales

    I’m looking forward to the New calendar and praying for God to give you the assurance you need. As you “Draw Near to Him, HE draws near to you. Praying many Blessings

  • Ruth Torbert

    Praying you “Through” the Draw Near Calendar♥️🙏🏻

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