FEAR NOT...Writing it on your heart

FEAR NOT...Writing it on your heart

Isaiah 43: 1 is our Focus Verse for the month of March and we have several supporting verses that help reinforce the FEAR NOT message that God is giving us.  It's so sweet to me that HE gives us the instruction and then goes on to give us the WHY. 



march encouragement box








We are looking for all the ways we can surround ourselves with these powerful words of Truth!    We've created an Encouragement Club Box dedicated to these verses to help women create beautiful color coordinated scripture focused displays to surround themselves with beauty and Truth.  




In the Creative Hearts Studio we are digging in and lettering these verses and using them for scripture journaling.  


Are you familiar with Scripture Journaling?  I tend to compare Scripture Journaling to eating steak! (or anything other type that you enjoy)





A Fork and a good knife are tools a person uses to aid them in cutting the meat down into bite size pieces to chew the delicious food and savor the delightful flavors.  Having it cut down into manageable pieces to chew aids in swallowing and digesting the food.    


Isaiah 43.1 lettering. scripture journaling

Lettering and Scripture Journaling is a tool.   It aids us in using our creativity to take the powerful verses of Truth into bite size pieces, to chew slowly and savor each morsel!  

We can improve our skill of hand lettering simply by practicing.  

But when we are intentional with WHAT we practice, it can bring life changing results!   

Slowing down to write the words from a passage can actually help you break them down into bite size pieces to actually think about each of the words. Prayerfully asking God to speak through them as you write.

As you practice writing a passage over and over, you begin writing words of Truth on your heart!    

In the Creative Hearts Studio we are lettering Truth and writing it on our hearts....one word a time!    We are learning to use our creativity as a TOOL to help us, to help others AND bring Glory to God!  

Join us to Share your story, process your story, share your faith, add Joy and relieve stress!    There is room for YOU around our Creative Hearts Table AND we have a seat saved for YOU!   Click here to grab it 

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