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What did you PUT ON today? "Above all put on LOVE..."

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“Above all put on love the perfect bond of unity” Colossians 3:14

As a little girl, Valentine’s Day was one of my favorite holidays. I always looked forward to the candy and Valentine’s cards and parties. As a teenager, I remember the anticipation & excitement, wondering if I would receive something special from someone special, and then the disappointment when it didn’t materialize.

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Now as an adult, it still is one of my favorites, but now, it's for different reasons. In this season of life it reminds me of God and His incredible love for me and for you. Instead of the teenage anticipation, my heart has been learning to look around me for the evidence of God’s unending love. His creation is evidence of His power, but also His immeasurable love and care for us.  HIS love is not bound by dates on a calendar and the seasons cannot contain it all! I also see evidence in the people He has placed in my life, they are conduits of His great love that also points me back to the overwhelming mercy and grace found in Jesus. This kind of love is much more fulfilling and satisfying to this heart of mine! And that love just spurs me to want to remind others that He loves them too!

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How to be a conduit of God’s Love : 

I think Colossians is one of my very favorite books of the Bible. I’ve highlighted, underlined, starred and made notes throughout most of the book! It is full of so much rich guidance in how to walk out this Christian life we are called to live as followers of Christ. Do you have a favorite book of the Bible?


Colossians Bible Journaling

It matters what you PUT ON!

As women, we have an assortment of garments that we tend to always wear. Each piece has its own purpose and oftentimes, there’s even a certain order that we tend to put them on. Depending on the season, there might even be extra articles of clothing… unless it's Summer in the South and the bare minimum is required! Can you relate!?

It matters what you PUT AWAY!

I love how practical these passages in Colossian 3 are for Christ followers. I love imagining each trait as an article of clothing! Paul gives us a “take off and put away” list AND a “Put ON” list.  It made me smile thinking of the many times I’ve told my children, don’t just take it off and throw it on the floor… PUT IT AWAY! It also brought comfort to realize that he didn’t just stop with the “put off” list. He gave clear instructions for what we, a beloved cherished child of God, should be wearing. And one last thought, did you notice we are to remove the un-Christ-like behavior first, deal with it and then PUT ON the behavior fitting for a child of God? It’s easy to get in a hurry and want a quick fix, like trying to cover up the stinky shirt by putting a clean shirt on top of it… it is quick, but it is temporary, the stench will eventually come through. I imagine it as taking a shower after a long hot sweaty day of working and then putting on freshly laundered pajamas then laying down in a bed with fresh clean sheets! 

Above All Put On Love Shirt

The inspiration verse is like the icing on the cake!  We take off and put away these un-Christ-like behaviors, put ON the Christ Like behaviors and then the most important thing is to PUT ON Love. It pulls everything together and holds it in place! I’ve heard Dr. Tony Evans describe it as a “belt holding all the garments in place”. 

Our Father shows His love for us in so many ways! Passages like these really drive it home for me that He not only loves me, but His concern for me and my well being are very important.


Bible Journaling


Breaking the passages of scripture down into bite-size pieces really helps me digest it better. The gift of imagination and visualizing practical ways to apply the verses have helped me write them on my heart. The Holy Spirit is so good to bring them back to my remembrance as needed. What helps you understand and remember scripture? I would love to hear!  

And one last thought, this time of year is really hard for some women. They feel Valentine’s Day only spotlights what’s lacking in their life. I would love to encourage you to be a conduit of God’s never ending love to the people in your life! Be on the lookout for the recently widowed women, the single moms working hard to stay afloat, the teenage girl searching for significance and acceptance, the newly wed woman trying to learn to learn to be a wife… 

Let the Holy Spirit lead you!
HE knows who is struggling… and remember HE just needs a willing vessels!    

I hope you find time to enjoy a sweet treat & soak in HIS everlasting love for you! Blessings to you my friend, Pam 

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