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What IS Peace Anyway? The Story Behind the Design in April's Christian Women Subscription Box

What IS Peace Anyway? The Story Behind the Design in April's Christian Women Subscription Box

Reminders of Peace… our April Encouragement Kit is full of them!

What IS Peace Anyway? 

Millions of dollars are spent yearly trying to obtain peace… Whether it’s Peace with physical appearance,  physical strength or physical health, emotional peace, financial peace, social or relationship status, etc. Regardless, it doesn’t matter, all these things shift and change; Like trying to hold water in the palm of your hand.

I think this is a really important question to be able to answer. Here are a few thoughts that I have, as well as a few verses that I hope encourage you.

“May the Lord of Peace Himself GIVE you Peace at ALL times and in EVERY way.” 
2 Thessalonians 3:16
“I have told you these things, so that in Me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”
John 16:33

I was reading the Tony Evans Bible Commentary to see what Dr. Evans had to say about these verses.  He describes it this way: “Peace is harmony on the inside, always in every way–that is, regardless of your circumstances.”

Sunset on ocean

I’ve also heard “Peace is NOT the absence of storms but is found IN Jesus Christ in the midst of the storm.”

God is the Lord OF Peace, He is our True Source of Peace. In this world we currently live, we can easily fall into striving for peace, and completely forget that peace is actually a GIFT! I find myself in this miserable place all too often… Do you? Well, it helps me to trace the roots back and remember how lack of peace began. Which is similar to finding that water isn’t flowing from the hose anymore, so you trace the hose till you find the kink in the hose. Fix the kink and it flows again!

Give You Peace Notecard

Sometimes I need to take a mental trip back to the garden. To the time when Lack of Peace and Sin originally entered into our world, causing a tremendous separation between the Father and His children. The conflict, division and lack of peace spread like wildfire from generation to generation. I then need to remind myself, The Father sent The Prince of Peace as a gift to rescue us from its crippling control.

Blueberry Wreath flour sack towel

When I feel weighed down by the circumstances of life, it helps me to picture each and every conflict, each source of stress, every sinful action, all sinful thoughts, each wound, every offense, all my defeats, all unforgiveness, all sewn into a very dark, heavy, hopeless garment that I wore every day of my life. Then I visualize the cross and see Jesus willingly taking my heavy sinful garment on Himself and both being nailed to the cross. In exchange, I’m handed His pure white holy garment to wear. 

Give You Peace shareables

When the overwhelming circumstances won’t give me a break and I’m battling the “why me” mindset… it helps me to remember John 16:33. He never promised lack of problems… but He actually guaranteed they were a part of living in this world. So I visualize that empty grave… and remind myself that HE IS NOT DEAD!

Be courageous, girl! He conquered sin AND death and the Victory IS secure…AND I’m with Him! What a Gift! The great exchange... He took my pain, shame and guilt, and clothed me in His robes of righteousness. He paid MY debt! Now, there's NO more separation from my Father! When He looks at me, He sees me through the precious blood of His Son. This IS Amazing Grace. This is the GIFT OF PEACE. This IS my blessing! Oh, how I need to remind myself of this over and over.

Now the “kink in the hose” is gone, and the Peace flows freely again.

Are you lacking peace? Trace the hose and find the kink!

May you be blessed with Grace and Peace!  Love, Pam

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