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Let's take a peek behind the scenes at Pam's favorite watercolor supplies and how she uses them in her lettering

Let's take a peek behind the scenes at Pam's favorite watercolor supplies and how she uses them in her lettering

NEW BLOG : Behind the Scenes with Pam and her favorite watercolor supplies

I love school supplies, office supplies AND especially art supplies. Do you?  

But, do you ever feel intimidated by all the options and don't even know where to start?

Join me at my art table and let me show you some of my FAVORITE watercolor supplies.  

I will show you why I love them, how I use them in my lettering.  

It doesn't have to be intimidating... you can even use Crayola Markers to create lettering and art!  

Yes!  you can do this! Let me show you..... Daniel Smith watercolor sticks

I've always loved colorful supplies but have often been overwhelmed by the choices or intimidated by how to use them.If you can relate to that feeling, you're gonna love this blog post.   I hope by seeing how I use these supplies in my lettering might help spark ideas for yourself!   I'm including a recording of the actual demonstration I did using the supplies in the photos.   The video is from Live at Lunch on Facebook Live.  Join me as I show the ladies my favorite supplies and how I use them!  I hope you find it helpful!    I often buy my supplies from Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Blick Art, Cheap Joe's or Amazon and I've been please with the HQ paper that I found at the. Here's a list with links to some of my favorite supplies.   Be sure to shop around for the best price.  Five Below Store.  Canton Watercolor Paper Cold Pressed  This is the higher quality more expensive paper by Acquarello  The Daniel Smith Watercolor Sticks are wonderful for travel. The NeoColor II are also a favorite for travel or to keep in my lettering supplies.  Do you have a favorite?  


  • Ann Campbell

    I just learned out this in my lessons. I’m so inspired by you. Thank you.

  • Sallie

    Watching from California. Love watercolor. It’s gonna be 88 here in Orange County

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