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Hiding Scripture in Your Heart with a Tool, Prayer Reminder Cards

Hiding Scripture in Your Heart with a Tool, Prayer Reminder Cards

As child, I used flash cards to learn the letters of the alphabet and math facts. I studied the cards, drilled with cards, and repeated the process again & again until I was able to recite the alphabet or my math facts... And to this day, I can still recite the alphabet and MOST of my math facts from all those years ago! We are NEVER too old to learn! While it might take longer and a little more repetition, our brains can still learn. What a precious gift that is! 

Well, I think we are never too old for flash cards! We can use them to help us learn Biblical Truths. In this lesson, we will look at ways we can make flash cards to aid us in learning and memorizing the names of the Holy Spirit. We can even decorate them and make them as pretty inserts in our scripture or prayer journals.

In Lemonade Creative Hearts we have just started a new series learning The Names of The Holy Spirit. We wanted to share a sneak peek inside one of our lessons. The full lesson is available to our Creative Hearts Members in their Learning Portal.


We also wanted to gift you to one of this month's traceables (which currently only  Creative Hearts Members have access to), but it's yours! All you have to do is enter your email below and it will come to you in a separate email! 


Here are a few instructions for using The Traceable Page:

Print your Holy Spirit Flash cards. Use markers or colored pencils to add color to the words. If you want to make tags like the ones I made, you can often find them at office supply stores since many businesses use them for inventory. They can also be found in the scrapbook section of most craft stores. I found my book rings at Office Depot. I use the tags and rings often in my projects! Think of them as Spiritual Flash Cards! Use washi tape and other embellishments to dress them up.



Prayer Prompt: Cut the flash cards down and apply one per page in your prayer journal. You can use double-sided tape, glue or washi tape to apply to the page. When applying them in your Scripture or Prayer Journal, leave some space under the card for writing prayer requests pertaining to that specific name of the Holy Spirit. Be sure to date your prayer request. Example: Becky asks you to pray for her because she is carrying a lot of heartache. Add her name under the Comforter Card as a reminder that you prayed and to continue praying for her to receive the comfort of the Holy Spirit. You can do this process for your own prayer requests as well!

If you would like to receive a weekly bite size lesson like this, I encourage you to join us over in our Lemonade Creative Hearts Group! I meet you there to guide you in using your creativity as a tool for prayer, worship, scripture memory, prayer and even Stress Relief! 


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  • Sherree Pawlowski

    I’m sure that finding your site was directed by God! I’d like to share Jesus, but some aren’t ready to hear the message. So I want to plant seeds and continue to pray for them. Beautiful artwork and it’s so encouraging!

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