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Welcome to our March theme  FEAR NOT

What do you think when you read “FEAR NOT”?   Does your mind say, “Easier said than done”?   If it does, I have good news for you!  Throughout the Bible The Lord does give us the instructions to “FEAR NOT”, but He ALSO gives us the reasons why we do not have to fear!

Isaiah 43:1 Fear Not Notecard by Pam Coxwell

We will Surround & Soak on Isaiah 43:1 and some supporting verses  from Job 19:25, Psalm 139:14 and Psalm 118:5.   You will find these powerful promises on the artwork we have tucked inside your March Encouragement Club Box!   All the pieces are color coordinated and ready for you to start creating Scripture Focused displays to surround yourself with Truth, to renew your mind, and refresh your heart!   I think this  month’s box will make a beautiful Easter Display of your table, mantle, tiered tray or as small vignettes sprinkled throughout your home and as always, we include enough for you to share Encouragement with the special people along your path.  

small vignette Psalm 139:14 Fearfully and Wonderfully made card

We get to know God better each time we Draw Near to Him. I love what these passages for March not only teach us about Him,  they also reveal the benefits we receive because of who He is!  I think these verses can be a powerful weapon when you feel that fear is threatening to overtake you! We have included cards in your Box with these powerful reminders to equip you to share with others.   Are you ready to Surround and Soak on these verses?!

Easter art Easter display Isaiah 43:1

Isaiah 43:1 is our focus verse. I love it because God is instructing us to “FEAR NOT” AND He even tells us why!  In our Creative Hearts Studio we are even breaking this passage down and lettering it from the Amplified Bible.  

At some point in your life, you have probably felt rejected, unloved, or that you don’t belong.  Read this verse.  This  is  your  answer  to  those  feelings.   It is good  to  speak  Truth  back  to  your  feelings.  See  what HE  says?  You  are  Mine.  He  says  you  are  His. He  has  claimed  you.  You're  His.   Redemption is His gift.  Have you accepted it?

Psalm 118:5 Notecard I will not fear Pam Coxwell Designs

Psalm 118: 5 is one of our supporting verses. “I will NOT FEAR….”It’s a beautiful declaration from the Psalmist. As I was reading this verse, it felt like the perfect response back to the Lord and Isaiah 43:1.    I think this verse is the perfect weapon against those feelings and to preach back to my fearful  heart and mind! Will it be your response back to Him??

Job 19:25 is another declaration that can be a powerful weapon when life feels hopeless and overwhelming or you feel defeated.   “I KNOW my Redeemer lives!”  What I know about Him is that HE conquered Sin AND Death and because of who He is and who I am as His child, I can share in His victory. 

In this world, there are so many things that stir up fear in our hearts and minds…..but IN God’s Word, there are SO many MORE reasons to NOT fear! 

Easter Tiered Tray Display

Let’s dig into them, write them on our heart, preach them to our mind, create beautiful displays to surround ourselves with them AND share them with others!

HE IS FOR YOU!!!     Pam

notecard assortment pack

Every Month we send out a BOX full of beautiful art created by Pam Coxwell.  Our Encouragement Club is here to equip you with the color coordinated contents for easy to make Scripture Focused Displays and Vignettes and Gifts!   Our goal is to help you SURROUND yourself with beautiful reminders of Renew your mind AND Refresh your heart AND have enough to share with others!    

Read more about it here: Encouragement Club

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