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3 Ways to Use Our Refreshing Flour Sack Towels

3 Ways to Use Our Refreshing Flour Sack Towels

One of our best sellers, our flour sack towels, is the most asked about of the classic products here at From the Heart Art. We are often asked...

"Well... what do you do with it?"

I am here to give you three creative ways to use our beautiful flour sack towels!

The first is... DECORATIVELY!

Whether you're simply refreshing your home decor for a new season, or you're gearing up for the Christmas holidays! Our flour sack towels are the perfect addition to your decor, either stylized in a wooden tray or hanging in a bathroom. 

We have so many designs to choose from that are good for any style home decor, from bright floral to Southern-themed to joyful fruit!

All of our towels are 28 x 29-inches, soft-white 100% cotton and made in the USA from Indian fabric. It is a soft, low-lint, hemmed, medium weight towel. All of our  towels come tied with a color-coordinating ribbon to give it a special touch!

Another way to use our flour sack towels is... INTENTIONALLY!

Use them for what they were created for! A towel! Like I said earlier, you could hang in a bathroom to dry off your hands or keep one in the kitchen to wipe up messes and spills. They are very durable and can be washed in the washing machine too!

Plus, the eye-catching original designs on each of our towels are enough to make you stop to take a closer look. And get a wonderful scriptural reminder to refresh your day!


A final way to use our flour sack towels is... DUTIFULLY!

Sometimes in the fast pace of life, we forget what our purpose is! And it does not take much effort or much time to share the good news of our Good Father. 

So the next time you're baking bread for a friend (and yes, you can use our flour sack towels to cover the rising dough! We have done it!) Just remember you are being a wonderful servant of God by serving others. Or if you are in need of a gift idea, we've got you covered! What a beautiful way to share the truth and love of God with our towels! Most have a verse or phrase from a hymn on them and they make great gifts!



The best news... all flour sack towels are 20% off right now! So now that you know HOW to use them, you should put these ideas into practice and get some for yourself! Or gift someone those scriptural reminders to brighten their day! We would love to help you pick one out, but I'm sure you will find one out of all of our designs!

Click on this link to shop all of our flour sack designs!

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