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Because we greatly appreciate our Pam Coxwell Designs frequent shoppers, we created the Faithful Heart Club just for you. Spend $236 annually to get your investment back!

For only a $34.50 annual fee you get:

  • 15% discount - retail storewide anytime (sorry the Faithful Heart Club discount doesn't apply to our monthly encouragement kits, creative memberships, or certain special promotions)
  • Free shipping on orders $75 or more, instead of the standard $100
  • A free gift upon signup of a Variety pack of shareable cards to help spread words of encouragement and faith!
  • Early bird access to special promotions and limited edition items!
Faithful Heart Club

Faithful Heart Club

If you’re a Faithful Encourager, Gift Giver and Scripture Art Decorator, now you can save 15% off every Pam Coxwell Designs order* in the Faithful Heart Club! If you’re a frequent shopper with Pam Coxwell Designs, the Faithful Heart Club is the perfect fit. Spend $236 annually to get your investment back!

PLEASE NOTE: The Faithful Hearts Club membership should be purchased alone prior to making purchases that receive the 15% discount.

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*Please Note

The Faithful Heart Club discount does not apply to monthly encouragement kit subscriptions, or creative memberships, and certain select products.

Here's How It Works

Join the Faithful Heart Club

Make sure you purchase your Faithful Heart Club membership before adding other items to your cart. Once you've signed up we'll send you an email with all the details to activate your account and start saving with your Faithful Heart Club perks!

Activate your account!

Make sure you set up and activate your account! You will need to log in anytime you want to make a purchase using your Faithful Heart Club discount.

Start Shopping!

Once you've set up your account and logged in, you will add the special code at checkout to get your 15% savings off your order!

Free Gift With Signup!

When you join Faithful Heart Club, you'll also receive a special thank you gift including a set of 5 Assorted Mini Shareables with stand (shareable artwork and stand style will vary).


With 15% savings, once you spend $236 annually you have your $35.50 investment back.

Plus, don’t forget more opportunities for early access to special sales and limited-time offers!

No, since your Faithful Heart Club discount does not apply to encouragement kit subscriptions or creative memberships, we do not consider these purchases as part of the savings you’d benefit from to earn your annual investment back.

No! Once you join the Faithful Hearts Club and activate your account, the 15% discount will be available on every retail order made as long as you stay an active member, just remember to use your code at checkout!

Certain monthly encouragement kit and creative membership products are not eligible for the discount.

Remember, you need to be logged in for the discount code to be successfully applied at checkout!

Once you enroll in the Faithful Heart Club program, you will be automatically rebilled annually, until your membership is canceled.

You can cancel your membership at any time by reaching out to our customer service team at You will maintain the ability to use your Faithful Hearts Club discount benefits until the end of your current annual term.