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YOU are our Potter

"O Lord YOU are our FATHER; we are the clay and YOU are our POTTER;  we are the work of your hand”  Isaiah 64:8 ESV

For as long as I can remember, I have loved pottery.   Because I spent so many years traveling to arts and crafts festivals,  I have purchased quite a few pottery pieces directly from artisans.  It is fascinating to me that someone can take a blob of clay, and with their hands fashion a beautiful and unique mug or bowl.  Even though each piece bears the fingerprint of the potter, there are no two pieces exactly alike.  Have you noticed that about hand made pottery?

I love to support other artists by purchasing their creations.   I also love having these unique mugs and bowls as a spiritual reminder for my heart.   I have several hand made mugs that include a “thumb rest”.   As I’m drinking my warm tea and resting my thumb on the “thumb rest” made by the potter’s thumb, I can be reminded of so many spiritual truths as well.   


This year’s theme is to Draw Near to God.   I’m using monthly focus verses to help us support us in that journey.   As we draw near to God, we learn more about His character and His attributes.  As we learn more about God, it also reveals who we are and the benefits of being a child of God.  Our focus verse for this month is Isaiah 64:8 and is a perfect example of this. It speaks of God as The Potter, and it reveals who we are as the clay. This verse also adds that we are the work of His hand.   

Maybe this is why I love pottery so much?!   I need the simple reminders found in the words of Is 64:8   When soaking on this verse, this is what I’m reminded about God, and what is revealed about me and how it applies to me right now.   

  • LORD…. He is Jehovah -  The great I AM - my Master
  • FATHER….  A sigh of relief.  He is more than The Potter, He is my loving Father.
  • We are the clay… This reminds me I haven’t always been where I am right now.  I am a work in progress. He cares too much to leave me a blob of clay.  He is not finished with me.
  • Our Potter…. HE is creative.  HE creates unique “pieces” for a unique purpose.
  • We are the work of His hand….  Not an accident.  Not assembly line.  But intentionally fashioned by THE Potter with a unique purpose in mind.  HIS plan

Drawing near to Him brings me great comfort.   Seeing God as The Potter also brings me comfort and relief!   Relief that I am NOT in charge.   Relief that it’s NOT my plan, therefore, I’m not responsible to “make things happen”.   It’s His plan and He WILL fulfill it (Psalm 138: 8) These things bring me great comfort!   And HIS plan for me, the work of HIS hand,  is GOOD ( Jeremiah 29:11)   Why is it that the things we KNOW can be SO easy to forget?!

It’s OK!   God knows we need reminding and left us a beautiful Love Letter (Bible)  full of those reminders. Do you also need these reminders?   Do you know someone else that needs the comfort of remembering The Potter?   Send them a Reminder Card….and save one for your heart too!

In the Potter's Hands, 


The May Encouragement Club Box was inspired by The Potter and His amazing handiwork in the lives of each of us. This monthly subscription box is full of items that uplift the spirit and soothe the soul. 

The contents of this month’s box will enable you to create small vignettes and a lovely scripture themed tiered tray. Plus, beautiful reminders of The Potter's love to share with friends and family when they need it the most! 

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