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Words Worth Remembering: 2024 Calendar Pre-Orders are Open!

Words Worth Remembering: 2024 Calendar Pre-Orders are Open!

Before even starting the artwork for this 2024 Calendar, I start asking The Lord what HE wants for us in this upcoming year.  Since HE already knows what 2024 holds for us, I really want HIM to lead me to the verses that HE knows we will need to be reminded of in the new year.   The words DRAW NEAR kept coming to me over and over again.  As I thought about those two words and soaked in what they meant, I began asking myself what do I notice when I “draw near” something or someone.   What do I see?  What do I hear?   What do I learn about them as I pull in closer?  

For me, I hear more clearly what they are saying.   I see more clearly the details of their features and characteristics.   I learn more about them when I pull in closer to their presence.  It became clear to me that as I draw near to  God, I not only learn more about Him and HIs character, I am greatly impacted by His faithfulness, His love, His grace and His mercy.   When I become familiar with those characteristics, I also become grounded and  become stronger and the fear and anxiety that so often pursue me and try to engulf me, has no place because I’m so filled with His presence. As I draw near HIM, I also hear more clearly HIS Word. It renews me and refreshes me.  It makes me want to surround myself even more with HIS Word.  

I’m looking forward to this coming year and what God has in store for us as we use the Calendar reminders to “Draw Near”!  Did you know that we also use the calendar’s monthly verse as a foundation in our Lettering & Scripture Journaling group.  We will be hand lettering these verses to help us not only improve our lettering, but also as a tool for us to write them on our hearts and renew our minds.

This yearly calendar has become the framework for almost everything we do in the upcoming year. 

  • It’s verses are the verses we will letter in our Scripture Journaling group each month  
  • It’s designs & verses will be the theme for each month’s Encouragement Kit
  • It’s artwork will influence the projects we paint in the Mixed Media Painting group

It’s been bathed in prayer. It’s theme, Draw Near, is my personal goal for the coming year.   I pray that every piece of work that I produce will in some way point others to the Lord and encourage them in some way to Draw Nearer to Him!   

Thank you for joining me on this incredible journey! 

I hope you will enjoy using this calendar to track dates as you surround yourself with beauty and Truth.   It  is my prayer that you will be filled with hope and encouragement as you read the verses daily.  

Many blessings to you, my friend, in 2024, 


The Draw Near Calendar includes an extra treat!   Once you reach the end of each month, use the perforations to “tear” off the bottom 4 inches of the calendar, AND you will be left with a ready to frame 8x10 print!




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