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How do you find time to take care of yourself Spiritually in such a busy season?

How do you find time to take care of yourself Spiritually in such a busy season?

Do you feel like life is flying past you? Are you finding it hard to step off the train and slow down? Is your relationship with The Father feeling harder to maintain because life and distractions are constantly encroaching on our time with The Lord? 

Check out how our monthly Zoom Gathering didn’t go as planned, BUT quickly shifted into very impromptu encouraging conversation between the two Pam’s sharing how they try to invest in themselves spiritually during such a busy time of year! 

Do have ways that work for you?  Please Share your ideas in the comments.

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  • Margaret

    It is a wonderful time of year to stop awhile and step aside from all that has been part of 2022 in our homes, in the lives of our families, in the world around us where heartbreak of war is taking a heavy toll and the pandemic rolls on. Yet, in this turmoil we have the assurance of the gift of Peace from the Lord God who is sovereign and holds this world in His hands. This Peace, this Love, this Hope is Messiah Jesus and I pray that He will be the centre of your Christmas. Margaret, Australia

  • Karen Silvers

    So thoughtful and helpful! Thank you!!!!

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