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Brushes and Brushstrokes

Brushes and Brushstrokes

Have you ever had something on your Wish List for a very long time?  Then, whenever you finally accomplish it you just want everyone over to enjoy it with you?!   Well that just happened to me!   

Many of you already know that I’ve been painting and creating art for a very long time.  You have probably also heard me say that I’ve traveled across the south selling my artwork.   It was in doing those shows that I had the opportunity to meet thousands of women coming through my booths. So many of those women would admire my artwork and before adding the period to the sentence add “I wish I were creative”.   Hearing that repeatedly throughout the years fueled my desire to teach women that they ARE creative and to help them uncover that creativity AND learn to use art supplies and tools to express that creativity!   About 3 years ago the The Lord opened a door for me to start doing that on a regular basis.   Now that I’ve been teaching online, I’ve met more women saying they feel overwhelmed by all the different supplies and tools!  So, that fueled a new desire.  To help them overcome that overwhelm, I’ve wanted to create a simple course all about brushes and how to use them!   

So, it finally happened!   

The NEW mini Course is READY and available for those who are ready to conquer the Brush Overwhelm!   I’ve created the course using the brushes that I use in my own artwork.  I’ve included videos of the paintbrush aisle at our local Michael’s Store, did brush comparisons and demonstrated the different brushstrokes these paint brushes are capable of producing.  Brushes are like friends that help us create and tell our story, share our faith, create beautiful gifts and home decor.   Pick up a Friend today and start creating!!  

 My new Brushes and Brushstrokes Course will help you know how to put that new “friend” to work! 

I know many of you don’t have a local arts and crafts store and need to shop online.   If that’s you, here are a few Amazon (affiliate) links that might make shopping easier for you.   

These are good quality basic brushes and a great way to get started building your brush collection.   There are plenty of higher quality and more expensive brushes out there, but it’s my opinion these work great!


My Friend Filbert

This Simply Simmons set is a great set for experimenting with the different sizes.

Simply Simmons Filbert Brush Set

This variety pack includes some of the very basic brushes.   These will be great for small to medium size paintings and it includes the detail brushes too!

Variety Set of Brushes

One of my favorite brushes is a Dagger or Sword Brush

We can use it for stripes, leaves, petals, and held at a 90 degree angle it can create a thin line.   

Simply Simmons Sword Brush

Don’t forget that I try really hard to keep my brushes used for Watercolor paint separate from brushes used with acrylic.  The Simply Simmons brushes will also work for watercolor, I would recommend marking them with washi tape or something to help you remember to use them just for watercolor….or you could just use a different brand brush!      Here are a few additional brands that I enjoy using for painting with watercolor.

Variety Set includes the basics to get started.  

It’s a really nice quality, therefore they cost a bit more than the Simmons brushes.  Princeton Variety Set

These are my all time favorite brushes for watercolor!  It’s the Kristy Rice Set.   You can find it here:  Kristy Rice Set of Brushes

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